What is your secret to a mess free kitchen?

VIVA® vs Life!

Life is messy and often the most memorable moments are those that leave behind the biggest mess! VIVA® paper towel takes on life’s mess with just one sheet.

As you can see in our new TV commercial, VIVA takes on Bruce, our adorable basset hound who can’t help but make a mess whilst eating. You can see how VIVA traps, collects and contains life’s mess with just one sheet.

What makes VIVA so great:

  • VIVA’s revolutionary V-shaped ripples
  • Strong when wet
  • Best at absorbing life’s mess
  • Made with FSC certified fibres and conventional fibres

Put VIVA to the toughest test of all…….REAL LIFE

Welcome to VIVA® Clever Cleaning

For most homes, the kitchen is always humming with activity. It’s where the whole family gathers at the end of the day and dinner preparations share the table with homework hour. There are lunches to be packed, shopping lists to write, kids waiting to be fed and home-cooked meals to be shared over stories and laughs. With all the bustling chaos of family life, there’s bound to be a bit of mess along the way.

VIVA products give you easy, fast cleaning solutions so you can wipe up little spills as you go and give your kitchen a quick spot clean to leave surfaces cleaner, drier and free from messy residue. VIVA Paper Towels help you get the cleaning done quickly and with less hassle. Mess will still happen, but it won’t get in the way of family time with VIVA.

On this website, we’ve gathered the best cleaning tips and tackled your home cleaning needs room-by-room. We’ll also show you how to quickly and effectively clean surfaces and kitchen appliances, so that you and your family can get on with the more important things in life. Click here to find out more about VIVA Paper Towels.

If you’ve got a great cleaning tip, or you’ve tried any VIVA Paper Towel, we’d love to hear your thoughts. Simply post your cleaning tip here and we’ll share it with other like-minded clever cleaners!