What is your secret to a mess free kitchen?

Home Cleaning Products

Managing a household is always a bit of a juggling act. Keeping your home clean, neat and free from dirt often requires a combination of quick clean-ups and bigger, more thorough cleans. With VIVA cleaning products, you can quickly and effectively deal with mess to leave your home’s surfaces cleaner, drier and ready for family life.

VIVA Cleaning Products at a glance

VIVA Stainless Steel Wipes

If you have stainless steel surfaces or appliances in your home, look for VIVA Stainless Steel Wipes. The unique MarkGuard Technology will remove stains and grease without harsh scrubbing, leaving your stainless steel looking like new. Ideal for cleaning stainless steel refrigerators, rangehoods, BBQs, dishwashers and more.

VIVA Glass and Mirror Wipes

Make streaks a thing of the past with VIVA Glass and Mirror Wipes. Designed to clean and shine all glass, windows and mirror surfaces, these clever wipes utilise a unique 2-step process. Simply dampen one wipe to clean, then use the other to buff. Ideal for use on glass doors, mirrors, windows and table tops.

VIVA Shower Fast Wipes

Cut through soap scum on glass, screens and tiles using VIVA Shower Fast Wipes. The unique dual textured fabric removes lighter mess as well as stubborn soap scum, without damaging your bathroom surfaces. An in-built anti-scum solution also reduces future build-up.

VIVA TV & Computer Screen Wipes Kit

Safely remove dust, dirt, fingerprints and marks from your TV, computer and touch-pad screens. The disposable wet wipe safely removes dust and marks and contains unique ‘ScreenGuard Technology’ which leaves behind an invisible anti-static film that helps protect your screens from dust and fingerprints. The dry reusable microfibre cloth polishes the screen back to a perfect shine – restoring its sleek and shiny look.

VIVA Kitchen Scrub Surface Wipes

Specially designed to cut through grease and grime on kitchen surfaces. The inbuilt degreasing solution, combined with the unique non-scratch scrub-side, loosens and lifts grease and grime. The smooth side finishes the job at hand. It’s the quick and easy solution to cleaning splashbacks, stove tops, benchtops, rangehoods and other grimy kitchen surfaces.

Unfortunately our Clever Cleaning wipes have been discontinued and are no longer available. There is currently limited availability in some stores until stocks run out which is expected to be over the next few months. For further information, please feel free to contact our Consumer Advisory Team