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VIVA TV & Computer Screen Wipes Kit

Whether you have an iPhone, an Android, an iPad, a retina display screen on your laptop, or all of the above, looking after your electronics and gadgets properly is important.

As the largest and most used surface on many of your electronic devices, the screen is subject to wear and constantly exposed to oil, dust, and dirt particles. Not only will regular cleaning and care extend the life of your TVs and smart phones, it will also improve their functionality.

VIVA TV & Computer Screen Wipes have been specially designed to safely remove dust, dirt, fingerprints and marks from a range of multi-media screens. Our wipes contain unique ‘ScreenGuard Technology’ which leaves behind an invisible anti-static film, adding a layer of protection against dust and fingerprints to your screens. The dry reusable microfibre cloth removes streaks and polishes the screen back to a perfect shine – restoring its sleek and shiny look.

Which gadgets can I use VIVA wipes on?

VIVA wipes are free from alcohol and other corrosive elements, so our advanced disposable wet wipes safely remove dust, marks and smudges from a variety of sensitive screen surfaces.

Our wipes were tested and found to comply with TÜV SÜD’s TFT/LCD screen safety standards on leading brands of the following TV, computer and portable touchpad screens:

  • Plasma televisions
  • LCD / LED televisions and computer monitors
  • LCD laptops
  • Tablets
  • Smart Phones
  • GPS
  • Game consoles

This research and testing ensures that you can use our TV and Computer wipes with confidence on your favourite screens and touch screen gadgets.

How do I use the wipes on my TV and other electronics?

  1. Turn off your TV, smart phone, or other device, and allow it to cool down.
  2. Use the wet wipe to gently remove all dust and marks from the screen.
  3. Use only the VIVA microfibre cloth to remove streaks and polish and restore shine (Important: after the first use, you should always inspect the microfibre cloth for dirt and grit particles and if present remove them before applying it to your screen, as abrasive particles can cause screen damage).
  4. Reseal the wet wipes pack after each use.
  5. Store the Wipes Kit with your TV or DVDs for handy access.

Important tips for cleaning screen surfaces on your electronics

For Screen:

  • Always refer to your screen manufacturer’s instructions before cleaning.
  • Remember to support the screen with your opposite hand while cleaning.
  • Never press too hard.
  • Always inspect the screen surface and remove any abrasive particles like grit prior to cleaning as they could cause screen damage like scratching.

For Wet Wipes:

  • Always test wet wipe in an inconspicuous area before using for the first time.
  • Clean large screens in sections to prevent the solution drying on the screen and leaving smears.
  • Discard wet wipes after use.

For Microfibre Cloth:

  • Wash microfibre cloth regularly.
  • To wash: Hand or Machine Wash. Do not use fabric softener or chlorine bleach.
  • To dry: Air-dry or tumble dry on low to medium heat.
  • Always inspect the microfibre cloth and remove any dirt or grit before each use as abrasive particles can cause screen damage.

Unfortunately our Clever Cleaning wipes have been discontinued and are no longer available. There is currently limited availability in some stores until stocks run out which is expected to be over the next few months. For further information, please feel free to contact our Consumer Advisory Team

Key product benefits:

  • Cleans TV and Computer Screens Safely
  • Removes dust, dirt, fingerprints and marks
  • Soft, non-scratch wipes and microfibre cloth
  • Tested and complied with TÜV SÜD’s TFT/LCD screen safety standards
  • ScreenGuard Technology to repel dust and fingerprints
  • Clever DVD packaging for convenient storage