What is your secret to a mess free kitchen?

Cleaning Surfaces

Our homes are filled with all kinds of surfaces – bench tops, kitchen sinks, windows, mirrors, glass tables, picture frames, book shelves and many more. It’s no secret that these surfaces can quickly accumulate a collection of dirt, streaks, and grime if they are not cleaned regularly. There’s grease in the kitchen, dust in the living area, and soap scum in the bathroom. Not to mention the barrage of spills, stains, fingermarks and crumbs that family life tends to bring about on a daily basis! It can be easy to overlook surfaces when we’re cleaning the house, but cleaning surfaces should be a regular part of the home-cleaning routine.

The importance of keeping surfaces clean

Cleaning surfaces not only makes your home look sparkling and welcoming – it also ensures proper hygiene and plays an important role in protecting your family’s health. Kids touch an incredible number of surfaces throughout the day and can pick up germs or bacteria quite easily if the areas they play in are not cleaned regularly. If your home is particularly dusty, family members who are prone to allergies or asthma might find their symptoms become aggravated if surface-cleaning is not carried out regularly. All your kitchen surfaces can also affect your family’s health, as food preparation areas must be cleaned daily to ensure a build-up of grime or caked-on food doesn’t occur. Keeping all household surfaces clean can help protect your family’s wellbeing by making sure dirt and germs don’t accidentally wind up in a playpen or on a dinner plate.

VIVA can help keep your home’s surfaces clean

Since dirt, dust and grease tend to build up over time, it’s important to clean your home’s surfaces carefully and regularly. Doing quick spot-cleaning will save you a lot of time (and elbow grease!) further down the track, as well as ensuring that your home’s surfaces are cleaner and more hygienic on a day-to-day basis. Cleaning surfaces that are used most often, such as your kitchen bench tops, fridge door, bathroom sink and shower screen, can be done quite easily and conveniently with a few clever tips and cleaning ideas. This is where VIVA comes in – with VIVA Paper Towels and our cleaning tips, there’s a quick and easy way to clean all kinds of surfaces. So now you can keep your home’s surfaces clean, dry and neat, without wasting your energy or missing out on family life.

How to clean different surfaces in your home

Click on a section below for our top tips on cleaning particular surfaces around your home. VIVA has you covered when it comes to advice on cleaning Stainless Steel Surfaces, cleaning Windows and Glass Surfaces, and cleaning Mirrors.