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Harness the Tough Weave Texture


Stay on top of the mess with VIVA® Paper Towel

We believe that life should be about living, not about cleaning. That’s why the quick and easy clean you get with VIVA Paper Towel is so important.

VIVA® Paper Towel

Perfect Companion to Tackle Life’s Messes

VIVA Paper Towels are made to take on life’s messes. From spills, dirt, crumbs and sticky messes, they can handle just about any job quickly and effectively.

With its special tough weave texture, VIVA Paper Towel cleans even better when wet. You can soak, wring, clean and scrub with it without the paper falling apart. Try out the remarkable absorbing and scrubbing power of VIVA wet and see for yourself just how tough it is. Put VIVA to the test.

VIVA® Paper Towels with Bamboo Fibre

Quality & Sustainability Without Compromise

VIVA Paper Towels with fast growing Bamboo Fibre contains a unique blend of FSC® certified bamboo and wood fibre. Bamboo is an extremely fast-growing grass which automatically regrows, providing a highly renewable and sustainable alternative to wood fibre.

More good news – they come with the same VIVA quality you know and love. Like regular VIVA Paper Towel, VIVA Paper Towel can tackle any cleaning obstacle – from collecting to soaking up spills. And, Bamboo fibre also cleans even better wet.

Try it wet when you...

  • viva_beanh

    Wipe down your kitchen bench after preparing meals.

  • viva_stains

    Scrub food stains from your cooktop.

  • viva_crumbs

    Pick up crumbs from and food from the floor.

  • viva_cupboard

    Wipe off food spills from kitchen cupboards.

  • viva_sticky

    Clean up sticky messes from the meal table.

  • viva_wash

    Wash up oily dishes with detergent.