Laundry Cleaning Tips

No matter what, doing the laundry always feels like a chore. Make it easier with these quick laundry cleaning tips. Read on to see how to get stains out of clothes, bedding or linen. Have fresh clothes in a jiffy!

  • Remove ink and blood stains by dipping it into a glass of milk and rubbing gently.
  • Make your white gym shoes look brand new again with orange oil spray. Wipe dry with a VIVA Cleaning Towel.
  • Polish black shoes by using the inside of a banana skin. Wipe off the excess with a VIVA Paper Towel. They’ll come up like new.
  • To clean the base of your iron, wipe with a VIVA Paper Towel soaked in cold tea. The stains will vanish!

“Lift stains off fabric by placing a bit of eucalyptus oil on wet VIVA Cleaning Towel. Rub gently and voila!”