Living Room Cleaning Tips

It’s little wonder our living rooms can end up looking a bit worse for wear. After all, it’s the part of the house where we do most of our living. When it’s time to entertain, getting rid of the spots and spills can seem like a big chore – but not with VIVA Cleaning Towel which is Tough with a Capital T.

  • Put lemon oil on a duster and wipe over light fittings to prevent gathering dust and spider webs.
  • Get rid of ants by pouring cornflour anywhere you find them. Safe to use in a house with pets or small children!
  • Place musty books in a brown paper bag, add bicarb soda and leave in a dry place for a week. The smell will be gone!
  • Placing dried lavender flowers in drawers stops silverfish and other bugs from getting in. It also leaves a great smell!

“Use a tiny bit of vinegar with hot water on a VIVA Cleaning Towel to easily remove chewing gum from a tiled floor.”