Outdoor Cleaning Tips

Ever wanted to use the BBQ but found it still caked on with gunk? Discover how to clean a BBQ quickly and effectively, and also find patio, car, pool and other outdoor cleaning tips here.

  • Easily lift oil from your garage floor and driveway by covering it with kitty litter. Leave for 12 hours, then simply sweep it away.
  • White vinegar can be used as a cheap and safe alternative to weed killer.
  • To clean insects off the front of your car, wet the area, then sprinkle bicarb soda on a wet sponge, rub it over the insects and wash off.
  • A leaf blower is great for cleaning the leaves out of the gutters and saving time.

“Give your car a polish after washing by spraying with furniture polish and wiping it over with VIVA Cleaning Towel.”