Wet Cleaning Tips

Cleaning tips with wet VIVA Multi-Purpose Cleaning Towel

VIVA Cleaning Towel cleans even better when wet. Thanks to its unique wave-like channels within the sheet, you can soak, wring and clean and throw it all away. Don’t believe us? Try these wet cleaning tips and see for yourself.

  • Make your glass stovetop shiny in no time by sprinkling baking soda and wiping with hot soapy water and VIVA Cleaning Towel.
  • If your kitchen bench or floors get into a sticky situation, you can easily wipe the mess away with VIVA wet with hot water.
  • Love your pet but not the fluffy stuff they leave on your furniture? Use a wet VIVA Cleaning Towel to quickly clean and remove animal fur.
  • Clean out tricky oven vents with ease! Just wrap a VIVA Cleaning Towel soaked in hot soapy water around a butter knife and wipe between the slots

“Gently rub a paste of vinegar and baking soda over your hair straightener to remove set in stains. Wipe over with a damp VIVA to finish!”