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VIVA® Multi-Purpose Cleaning Towel



Our Multi-Purpose Cleaning Towel makes cleaning easy.

Got gunk stuck to your bathroom sink? Glide through it with Viva‘s Quick Clean Texture and get on with your day. Found a sticky splatter in the laundry? We’re not sure what it is either… Get onto it with Viva Cleaning Towel and forget it was ever there.

With a roll of these by your side, you’ll never need to ask “Is a paper towel enough?” again. They’re tough when wet or dry, suitable for cleaning inside or out, and ready for anything you throw at them. We have you covered, from A- Z.

 With Unique Quick Clean Texture

Using unique technology Viva Cleaning Towel has deep wave-like channels within the sheet to provide all-in-one absorbency, thickness and toughness. Use it wet or dry and be surprised by the versatility and durability of Viva with its Quick Clean Texture.

VIVA Cleaning Towel with Bamboo Fibre



Quality and Sustainability without compromise

With fast growing Bamboo Fibre, we provide a unique blend of FSC® certified bamboo and wood fibre. Bamboo is an extremely fast-growing grass which automatically regrows, providing a highly renewable and sustainable alternative to wood fibre.

Use every day and everywhere for any mess

Bid farewell to grease and dust, and make grime disappear. VIVA with Tough Wave Texture is here.

  • Clean benchtop & stove…then wipe the floor clean.

  • Pick up pet mess.

  • Gleaming, smudge-free mirrors.

  • Wipe down grill plates.

  • Scrub muddy shoes.