D is for Dust. VIVA will
wipe the smile off its face.

VIVA Multi-Use Cleaning Towel

home-banner-26218_VIVA_PaperTowel_White_2pck_3DClean anything, anywhere, thanks to VIVA Multi-Use Cleaning Towel with Tough Wave Texture. Discover Tough from A-Z.

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VIVA presents the
A-Z of Cleans.

arrow VIVA Cleaning Towel is tough from A-Z

VIVA® Multi-Use Cleaning Towel works to get rid of all your messes from A (for Animals), P (for Paint), T (for Toothpaste) and Z (for who knows what?).

When there’s mud on the floor or there’s egg on the wall, reach for the paper towel that’s tough on them all. Clean up life’s spills, splotches and splatters with our new Tough Wave Texture. Viva is perfect every day and everywhere for any mess.

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