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Sustainability Story


VIVA® Paper Towel*
Made in Australia

The entire VIVA® Paper Towel classic range – VIVA® Regular, VIVA® Double Length, VIVA Select-a-Size® - is made in Australia and we’re proud of it. This means support for local communities, including hundreds of local employees and their families, each year. We’re also pleased to say our new VIVA® Eco Paper Towel is made in Australia.

*’VIVA® Paper Towel’ is defined as our classic range including regular VIVA® Paper Towel, VIVA® Double Length Paper Towel & VIVA Select-a-Size® Paper Towel.
‘VIVA® Paper Towel’ excludes VIVA® Rinse & Re-use Towel, which is made in Korea.

Recycling and Reusing

We’re constantly working to reduce the environmental impact of our products and packaging, which is why we support programs like REDcycle – so our customers can bring their packaging back to store and recycle it. With a goal to include 40% recycled content in our plastic packaging, helping to give this material another life and reduce our plastics footprint.

Supporting a Circular Economy

We support new programs that drive the circular economy and aim to keep plastic packaging out of landfills. We’re sure you’ll agree it’s an important step to a more sustainable future.

Conserving Trees

We care about and want to protect the homes of rare, threatened or endangered animals and ecosystems. That’s why the fibre used in our paper towel products are FSC certified, meeting the most rigorous environmental and social standard for responsible forest management.

Regenerating Ecosystems

1 million. That’s the number of square metres of bushland across Australia and New Zealand we’re aiming to regenerate by 2030 through our partnerships with Carbon Positive Australia and The Nature Conservancy.

Supporting people, and nature

Our environmental partners work with traditional owners who live in Australia. Together, we can support better economic management, protect culturally significant sites, and learn from thousands of years of legacy.

Sourcing Responsibly

Our VIVA Paper Towel products are made of fibre that’s responsibly sourced and FSC certified by the Forest Stewardship Council. By choosing VIVA Paper Towel, you can be assured that the product you’re purchasing does not come from high conservation value forests, which may be home to rare, threatened or endangered animals and ecosystems.

Manufacturing Sustainably

We understand the importance of reducing plastic across all our logistical touch points. As part of a global business, Kimberly-Clark has set itself bold aims – like including a commitment to reduce its total plastic footprint by 50% by 2030.

Switching to Carbon Neutral

We’ve set ourselves the goal of being carbon neutral in our ANZ operations by 2030. We’re taking this commitment very seriously, including looking at ways to reduce the emissions at our Millicent mill. We’re also in the process of switching our workplaces to renewable energy and launching programs to help offset some of the carbon we haven’t yet reduced.

Reducing Emissions

Since 2015 we have further reduced our emissions by 35.4% but we’re not stopping there. We’re working with new technologies and renewable energy sources to reduce those emissions even more, and ultimately achieve our carbon neutral goal by 2030.

Supporting First Nations

Being good to the planet means being good to its people, too. We’re committed to supporting the Indigenous, Torres Strait Islander and Maori people of Australia and New Zealand through internal policies, programs, funding, and advocacy work.

Giving for Good

We believe in giving back to the community. So, globally Kimberly-Clark is dedicated to giving at least 30,000 hours in volunteer time by 2030 and we also match financial donations from our employees, helping them help their favourite charities.

Introducing our new VIVA® Eco Paper Towel

Kleenex Eco Packshot 

Made from Bamboo

VIVA Eco Paper Towel is made from 100% bamboo fibre. Why bamboo? It’s renewable and fast-growing.

Trusted VIVA Quality

We’re proud about that fact that VIVA Eco is the toughest, thickest, and fastest absorbing Eco paper towel*. We have your back when it comes to dealing with messes and spills.

*Eco paper towel defined by Aztec IRI Scan Data category ‘environment’ segment Year 2020

Recyclable Paper Packaging

VIVA Eco Paper Towel uses recyclable paper packaging. So, you can recycle it along with your kerbside collection – isn’t that convenient?

Managing Forests Responsibly

The bamboo fibre in our VIVA Eco Paper Towel is FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) Certified.